Market Commentary - July 14, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 14, 2020 6:01:09 AM

     Risk-off as US investors prepare for earning seasons. Wall Street for the most of it, has remained remarkably upbeat amid economic damage wrought by the pandemic. Not unsubstantiated as recent economic data revealed stark contrast to March and April gloomy figures. Yesterday’s volatile rejection from fresh highs however suggest sentiment waffling. Unlike before, this earnings season will offer an insight as to whether companies are resilient to and how they have coped with a once in a lifetime crisis.

Market Commentary - July 13, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 13, 2020 6:10:46 AM

     Faced with the rising rate of global infections, markets diverge from grim realities and continue to rally. On the surface, much of the rally seemingly supported by talks of additional fiscal relief in the works and prolong low rates to remain. Others suggest markets have come to realize an alternate theory. The global economy is transforming upon accepting working-from-home does not affect productivity, the exponential rise of e-commerce and in turn a re-invention of logistics

Market Commentary - July 10, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 10, 2020 7:57:25 AM

     There is seemingly no end in sight as Coronavirus cases surge. A combination of re-emerging hotspots and government reluctance to act swiftly has cascaded into state-wide infections and in-turn, lock down proceedings. Joining Australia NSW, Queenlands will block border entry from Victorians. Coming Saturday, Hong Kong will re-implement stricter social distancing measures. Curfews to be applied in Serbia. New Jersey to sign an order requiring masks to be worn when outside.

     On the other side of the spectrum, whether in favor or against the strict policies implemented by China during their pandemic. Of global nations, China is emerging as the front-runner in successfully flattening the curve and subsequent waves. Investor confidence high with the Shanghai Composite Index breaking out of a year and half consolidation to 3,400. and Yuan appreciating beyond the 7.000 psychological level. Whilst the momentum may slow, with funding cost remaining low in the foreseeable future.

Market Commentary - July 9, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 9, 2020 5:21:43 AM

     USD saw broad pressure Wednesday. Equities saw gains. Wednesday brings no positive news on the Covid front, with daily highs continuing to be surpassed. Asian stocks trade higher.

Market Commentary - July 8, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 8, 2020 8:00:24 AM

     Global indices took a breather yesterday from recent rallies. With Nasdaq settling at historic highs, S&P500 being on a 5-day run and Hang Seng breaking out of a 3-month consolidation after the new security laws passed.

Market Commentary - July 7, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 7, 2020 6:32:11 AM

     US Dollar retreats Monday. Equities see mixed returns. GBP awaits the summer statement from Chancellor Sunak. CAD action suppressed by Oil pressure.

Market Commentary - July 6, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 6, 2020 5:55:55 AM

Figure 1 (source IS Prime): IDX.HK.50 rallies higher to values last seen in March.

Market Commentary - July 3, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 3, 2020 6:29:55 AM

     Wall street rallied Thursday on back of strong jobs data. Asia shares also seen on the rise. US data put pressure on gold.  In currencies, the Kiwi was top gainer against the USD. the Aussie dollar followed close behind. SEK and NOK trailed in the G10. ZAR and TRY saw little action.

Market Commentary - July 2, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 2, 2020 6:25:04 AM


Market Commentary - July 1, 2020

Posted by Kevin Jock on Jul 1, 2020 5:58:32 AM

     Day one of Q3 is underway. Increasing coronavirus cases shadow improving economic data in the U.S. Asian Shares see little movement. Hong Kong takes the day off for special administration public holiday.

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